I keep data from any correspondence/bookings for make-up appointments. This is all stored in a protected database that only I have access to. This is so I have record of your booking with all of the details ready for when the job does come around, as so many make-up bookings will be done so in advance.


Information that is kept includes-

  • Names 

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • The date and time of appointment

  • Location of appointment (if travelling to you)

  • Quote given, and a record of deposit payment

  • Any extra details of the job

​Any Beauty or Nail service will just have your name, number and appointment details written in a appointment diary that is kept in a locked drawer that only I have access to.​ You will also be required to fill out a client record card to ensure there is no contra-indications that may affect the treatment, these are kept for my records to ensure the safety of my clients.

After your appointment, your details are cleared from the database. If I have taken any pictures of the treatment (with your consent), then these will be kept for me to publish on my website/instagram/facebook (again, only with your consent)


 Your data will be collected either through your initial email/WhatsApp, text, Facebook message (etc)…to me, or through my contact forms on my website. When you arrive for your appointment, if you are a first time client, you will be required to fill out a client record card, so I am aware of any medical conditions or contra-indications that could affect the treatment. These cards will be kept in a locked drawer and only I will have access to them.


The data stored will only be used in regards to your booking. No third party company will have access to your data.

If you have signed up to my mailing list then this will be stored to keep you up to date with any offers available. I will not add you on to the mailing list without your consent. No third party has or will have access to this data. You may opt out at any time.


Your initial enquiry will be held in my records for 12 months, and then if you choose to book with me your data will be stored and potentially used for 5 years.


Your data will all be stored on hard drives and computers or a safe purpose-built database. All data that is stored online (in my emails, etc) is locked behind a password. Any data on my phone is also password protected. Hard drives and computers are all stored behind locked doors.


I will take photographs of the treatments I have carried out on you, and post these on any of my pages such as Instagram, Facebook, marketing materials and/or my website. I will only do this with your consent, you have the right to request that your image is taken down at any point. If any other social accounts wish to share or re-post the images, I will always contact you for your consent first.


Your Right to Confirmation: You are welcome to get in touch at any point to ask questions about how your data is handled and kept secure. I’m always happy to answer any queries that you may have.

Your Right to Access: You can request a report on all data of yours that I hold. This will be supplied as an electronic document.

Your Right to Rectification: You can also get in touch at any point to ask me to modify any of your stored data. In fact, I would really recommend doing so. If you have a change of address, phone number, etc please do let me know so I can keep my records up to date!

Your Right to Deletion: Under EU law you have the right to request to have your data deleted by me.


As stated above, your data will never be shared with any third party companies.

Thank you for reading.